• Technical Data Sheet


    Material supplied
    Hot glue gun, stand, spare nozzle, instructions for use.
    Dimensions: 290x230x55mm
    Weight: 600g
    Operating voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz
    Power consumption: 220W
    Insulation class: Class I
    Operating temperature: 140-220C, preset at 180-190C
    Control: Bimetallic temperature control
    Adhesive: Hot glue sticks, 11.512 mm
    Application capacity: from 0.7 to 1.2 kg/h*
    * depending on the temperature and viscosity of the glue.

  • Safety


    Use the hot glue gun only for the application of commercial type glue sticks in accordance with the indications of the technical specs. Use the hot glue gun only if you are very familiar with its use and possible dangers. Observe all accident prevention rules, as well as the safety regulations and industrial medicine standards of your country. In the event of a damaged or detached power cord, immediately unplug the gun from the socket and stop using it. Never unplug the gun from the socket by pulling on the cord. Danger of burns! The nozzle (1) and molten hot glue can reach temperatures of over 200C. Avoid contact, and wear protective gloves whenever possible. Odor emissions! Hot glues emit vapors which may be bothersome for the sense of smell. If not handled properly, irritations of the mucous membranes may result. Provide for sufficient ventilation.

  • Instructions for safe use


    To avoid operating defects and mistakes, follow these instructions closely!
    Keep all combustible or heat-sensitive objects away from the nozzle (1). The hot gun may be placed on its stand between uses (2). Do not squeeze the trigger too hard (4). Protect the gun from moisture and water.

  • Repairs - Accessories


    Repairs must be carried out only by electricians. For personal safety, use the replacements service, which is both time- and cost-convenient.
    Different nozzles are available for use with the hot glue gun. Ask your retailer or a specialist for information.

  • Warranty


    This device has been developed and constructed according to the most cutting-edge technology. At the first purchase we provide a warranty conforming to the legal provisions concerning functioning, materials, and workmanship. Normal wear is not included. The warranty ceases to apply in the case of improper or harsh handling, repairs by third parties, and/or assembly of unoriginal parts.

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Technical Specs (pdf file)