• Technical Data Sheet


    Material supplied
    Hot glue gun, stand, spare nozzle,instructions for use.

    Weight: 700g

    Operating voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz

    Power consumption: 300W

    Operating temperature: 140-230C,

    Control: Bimetallic temperature control

    Adhesive: Hot glue sticks, 11.011,5 mm

    Application capacity: from 1,0 to 1.5 kg/h*

    * depending on the temperature and viscosity ofthe glue.

    Increased grip for a comfortable gripis strong.

    Ventilation grid to avoid adhesive at theentrance of applicator.

  • Safety


    Use the hot glue gun only for the application of commercial type glue sticks in accordance with the indications of the technical specs. Use the hot glue gun only if you are very familiar with its use and possible dangers. Observe all accident prevention rules, as well as the safety regulations and industrial medicine standards of your country. In the event of a damaged or detached power cord, immediately unplug the gun from the socket and stop using it. Never unplug the gun from the socket by pulling on the cord. Danger of burns! The nozzle (1) and molten hot glue can reach temperatures of over 200C. Avoid contact, and wear protective gloves whenever possible. Odor emissions! Hot glues emit vapors which may be bothersome for the sense of smell. If not handled properly, irritations of the mucous membranes may result. Provide for sufficient ventilation.


    Instructions for safe use
    To avoid operating defects and mistakes, follow these instructions closely!


    AIf the gun is used with the nozzle tilted upwards, it isalways necessary to watch for drips, in order to avoid burnsto persons and objects. Unplug the gun before performingany work on it (e.g. maintenance, cleaning). After use,unplug and let cool. Always make sure the gun is connectedto a grounded electrical socket. If an extension cord is used, make sure it is intact and has a grounding wire.

  • Instructions for safe use


    How to turn on the gun

    Insert the plug (6) into a grounded electrical socket and turnon the gun using the On/Off switch (5). The red light of theOn/Off switch (5) will turn on. The gun heats up immediately. If the glue stick is already inserted, some liquid glue may comeout of the nozzle; in this case, rest the gun on a suitablesupport. Leave the gun to heat up for about 6-8 minutes(depending on the type of glue). Insert the glue stick into the opening at the back of the gun, as far as the black insulatorring (8).Temperature controlsThe gun is factory-set at 200C. The temperature may bemodified by using the screwdriver provided (9) to turn the temperature control screw (5). The temperature is increased by turning the control screw clockwise, and decreased by turning it counterclockwise.

    Controls on the gun

    For a precise repeated dosage, the stroke limiter can be used(7). Using the stroke limiter (7), adjust for the desired quantityof glue. The stroke limiter can also be used to adjust the trigger position (4).

    Gluing instructions

    Surfaces to be glued must be at room temperature and free of dust, grease, and moisture. Pieces containing waxes, oils, plasticizers, and impregnating agents may cause animmediate or later detachment of the glued surfaces. Apply the hot glue by points or in a continuous thread. Large points of glue remain adhesive for longer times than smallerones.

  • Repairs - Accessories


    Repairs must be carried out only by electricians. For personal safety, use the replacements service, which is both time- and cost-convenient.
    Different nozzles are available for use with the hot glue gun. Ask your retailer or a specialist for information.

  • Warranty


    This device has been developed and constructed according to the most cutting-edge technology. At the first purchase we provide a warranty conforming to the legal provisions concerning functioning, materials, and workmanship. Normal wear is not included. The warranty ceases to apply in the case of improper or harsh handling, repairs by third parties, and/or assembly of unoriginal parts.

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