• Chemical and Physical Properties

    Appearance: Pasty.
    Solid content: 60% 1
    Brookfield Viscosity:
    (RVT, 20 rpm at 20C, spindle 3)
    3.000 1.000 mPa.s
    pH: 6.5 0.5
    MFFT (minimum film formation temperature): 0C
    Vitreous transition temperature: 5C
    Storage: For 6 months, in the closed original packaging and kept in a cool, dry place at a temperature no lower than 5C and no higher than 40C.
    Packaging: 25kg plastic buckets.
  • Instructions for Use and Warnings

    Vinyl adhesives can be used either manually or automatically, using specific spray or roll-on equipment.
    Some, due to their viscosity or bonding capacities, may be applied using only one system or the other (see spec sheets).
    The formulations proposed are suitable for the most common applications and needs in closing cardboard boxes on fast machines, and in the ceramics sector for gluing mosaic tiles to Kraft paper or fiberglass net backings.

V362 Vinyl Adhesive

Adhesive for paper products to be used for the gluing of plastic foils to absorbent supports, especially in the following sectors: automated packing, packaging, book binding, automated gluing of paper and cardboard to plastic films, metal foils and so on.


Technical Specs (pdf file)