• Chemical and Physical Properties

    Color Opaline transparent.
    Odor Slight odor only during use. Odorless once set.
    Resistance To water: good;
    to solvents: poor.
    Dry residue 100%
    Operating temperature 180° - 200°C
    Open time 20 - 25 seconds
    Setting time 7 seconds
    Softening temperature 82°C +/- 2° (R&B)
    Viscosity 5.000 mPa.s +/-10%
    (Brook. Thermosel System SC4-28 at 190°C).
    Standard Dimensions Sticks. Diameter 11.5 mm, length 200 mm.
    Packaging Plain Kg 5 cardboard boxes, others to be agreed upon.
    Storage Unlimited in a dry place with a temperature between 5°C and 45°C.
  • Instructions for Use and Warnings

    These products must be applied using professional hot-melt glue guns made specifically for EVA-based stick and slug glues, which bring the product to temperatures between 180° and 200°C. Slugs must be of the appropriate diameter for the gun being used and vice versa.
    Apply the product to one of the surfaces to be glued and press them together within a few seconds’ time. Do not wait too long before joining the surfaces, as the cooling of the glue (which takes place in 30-50 seconds) weakens the adhesive power. These times may be subject to change depending on the products used (see the specific spec sheets) and the temperatures of the environment and the surfaces to be glued.
    Good bonds can be obtained on numerous materials normally used in packaging, paper products, DIY, and anywhere speed and practicality are needed.
    Wood, paper, cardboard, fabrics, plastic-coated and painted surfaces, metals, and glass can be joined with an extremely strong bond, although it must be kept in mind that EVA-based hot glue products may not ensure high performance for medium to long periods if they are subjected to traction or are used on “problematic” surfaces. Remember that EVA-based hot glues remelt at high temperatures! Therefore keep in mind the information and indications on the individual spec sheets.
    The Stick Col s.r.l. company guarantees the consistent quality of the products it supplies, but cannot in any way guarantee the results of work done with the products, which are the responsibility of the user. It is therefore recommended that the general characteristics and adhesive properties of the products be verified beforehand to make sure they are as the user desires or requires.

A033 Glue Sticks

Opaline transparent product, suitable for gluing on various supports, where a greater adhesion than that provided by “universal” adhesives is called for.


Technical Specs (pdf file)